Tailor-made dress

Dress, Sewing

This was the first post I wrote on this blog. I am now trying to separate my blog into English and Finnish pages so therefore I am publishing some of the posts again only in English. I hope this works and the English version of the blog can find its own readership.

I had a quite small piece of fabric that had been stocked in a pile for a number of years. I had originally bought it for a summer skirt to be made but then I started seeing it as a dress. The fabric was just enough for a sleeveless dress. During the sewing, I put it on the sewing dummy (which I had just bought a while ago!) several times to see how it fitted and adjusted especially the neckline accordingly. I used a pattern from an old Suuri Käsityö magazine but unfortunately couldn't remember which issue. I left the sleeves out as there was not enough fabric to made them. I am pleased how it turned out. What do you think?

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