Upcycled baby dresses

The new arrive, two months old Miss Carefree, needed some dresses to wear in summer. So aunty surprised the little baby (and her parents) by sewing upcycled dresses from an old t-shirt and a piece of a retro curtain fabric.

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Patterns are from Suuri Käsityö magazine 2/2012 and 8/2014 and name labels have been specifically made for me. As an amateur dressmaker I had difficulties in interpreting the instructions in the t-shirt dress so I applied my own technique in sewing the rib part. Not the best result but as the parents even after receiving the dresses gave me a permission to sew more dresses for the baby (due to them being nice?) I hoped I would eventually learn by doing... The best thing (besides the uniqueness) about upcycled clothes is that the material does not cost anything (anymore) so if you fail, the mistake doesn't cost you a fortune.

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baby dress, sewing

The pattern from Suuri Käsityö magazine 2/2012 is my favourite for baby dresses. I have made several dresses now using this pattern, as the black flower dress in size 62 cm above.

baby dress, sewing

I had previously cut from a leftover fabric this red and black dress for a baby girl to be given to a friend or a relative  (can't remember anymore who it was) that had got a baby at the time. However, I forgot all about it and found it stocked on my fabric shelf.  The baby girl's dress is size 80 cm. Adjustments were made to the pattern, though. I used an old neckline rib from a men's t-shirt, just turned it upside down, ironed and shortened it to fit.  This was given as a present to a friend who got a baby girl.

baby dresses, sewing

The same pattern was used for these two summer dresses I made for my two cousins' baby girls some years ago. I also used old pink lace from another garment in the other dress.

You may find the patterns here (in Finnish).

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